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Banking code / Future Oriented Banking

The Banking code was introduced at 1 January 2010 by the Netherlands Banking Association (NVB), as a result of the financial crisis that occurred in 2008. This code places the client’s interest first and was introduced in order to restore trust in banks.

By introducing early 2015 a Social Charter, an update of the Banking Code and implementing a Banker’s Oath, (with the associated rules of conduct and disciplinary system) across the board, the Netherlands Banking Association did demonstrate what they are stand for and what they want to be held accountable for in the ongoing renewal process: as individual banks and as an industry at the heart of the community.

The Social Charter, the Banking Code and the rules of conduct associated with the Banker’s Oath together form a package called Future Oriented Banking. The Social Charter describes the (preferred) position of the sector as a whole in society and the shared values of the sector. The Banking Code safeguards sound administration at every bank and the rules of conduct make the responsibility of every individual employee at the bank explicit. These building blocks visualise the way in which the sector wishes to achieve an ethical, customer oriented and sustainable sector. The Future Oriented Banking package is endorsed by all members of the Netherlands Banking Association. Anadolubank Nederland N.V. is a member of the Netherlands Banking Association and complies with the rules set out in the Banking Code and the rules of conduct. Click here to read the Banking Code.

To provide the best possible support for small businesses in relation to bank finance, the Dutch Banking Association (the Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, or “NVB”) has formulated a Code of Conduct (Gedragscode Kleinzakelijke Financieringen) for Lending to Small Businesses. Anadolubank Nederland N.V. hereby states that it complies with this code as from 01st of July, 2018. Please click here to find the full text of the code.


In line with The Future Oriented Banking Statement issued by the NVB, which includes the renewed Dutch Banking Code, you may find Anadolubank’s Remuneration Policy here.

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