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Anti-money laundering program Anti-money laundering program

Anti-money laundering program

Anadolubank Nederland N.V. has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, address: De Boelenaan 7, 1083 HJ. Anadolubank Nederland N.V. is supervised by de Nederlandsche Bank N.V.(Dutch Central Bank)

The Netherlands is a member country of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and has enacted anti-money laundering legislation that includes the recommendations of the FATF and requirements of the European Union Directives regarding the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.

To comply with anti-money laundering laws, Anadolubank Nederland N.V. has developed and implemented an anti-money laundering program consisting of policies, procedures and internal controls and systems.

The anti-money laundering program includes, amongst other things:

  • Customer identification and verification
  • Identification of ultimate beneficiary owners
  • The identification of Political Exposed Persons
  • Procedures for monitoring and reporting suspicious transactions / activities
  • An anti- money laundering training program for all staff

Sanctions and transaction filtering and monitoring policies

Anadolubank Nederland N.V. has transactions monitoring systems in place to detect unusual transactions. Alerts form these systems are analyzed on a daily basis. The reporting procedures for suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities are in line with Dutch legal requirements.

Correspondent Bank procedures

The anti-money laundering standard for banks describe the risks associated with correspondent banking relationships and provides a framework of requirements and procedures. All correspondent Banking relationships of Anadolubank Bank Nederland N.V. are subject to a customer due diligence procedure including periodic reviews.

Anadolubank Nederland N.V. does not maintain or will go into a relationship with Shell banks.

The Anadolubank Nederland N.V. USA Patriot Act certificate can be found here.
The AML Wolfsberg questionnaire can be found here.

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