Your PRIVACY is important to us:


What is personal information ?

Personal information is any information that describes you, for example your name, address, signature, IP address etc.


Why we need your personal information ?

For the following carefully selected purposes we need to have your personal information.


-To decide whether or not to enter into a customer relation with you;

-To enter into and maintain contracts with you and other customers;

-To ensure money can be paid and received;

-To analyze personal information for investigations or for other security reasons;

-To comply with legislation or court orders, which Anadolubank Nederland N.V. is subject to.

What personal information we are collecting ?

In order to fulfill abovementioned business needs, we are collecting your personal data such as your name, address, BSN number, copies of your ID card, signatures etc.

Anadolubank Nederland N.V is not processing any biometric data of real persons, such as fingerprints, voice recognition, face recognition etc.

Anadolubank Nederland N.V. is not processing any sensitive data of real persons, such as religion, political opinion, health data etc.


How you can access your personal data ?

In order to have information on your personal data that we are processing, please send a request to the following address with a valid proof of your identity (copy of your ID card or passport).


To the attention of: Data Protection Officer

Anadolubank Nederland N.V.

Officia 1, De Boelelaan 7,

1083HJ Amsterdam Nederland


You can ask for a correction on your data:

We pay utmost attention to keep your data safe and correct. If you think that your data is not correct, please send us a correction request to the aforementioned address.

For all your personal data related inquiries:

Please contact


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